Access up-to-the-minute data from environmental monitoring projects around the country with ease on any mobile device. Weather, water quality, soil, and other environmental data from WQData LIVE projects, is all gathered together in one simple to use mobile datacenter. Subscribe to push notifications for projects you are interested in to receive immediate alerts about weather conditions or other environmental factors.

Don't see a project you're interested in? Contact the organization behind the project and ask them to host their data with WQData LIVE and add their project to the LIVE Datacenter.

  • Push notifications for weather, water quality, or other environmental conditions
  • Clean, simple, modern interface
  • Specially optimized layouts for all phone and tablet sizes
  • No ads!
  • No in app purchases!

  • The menu icon in the top left corner opens a list of public projects
  • Placing a star next to a project in this menu will mark it as the default project and will open it when first launching the app
  • After choosing a project to view, tapping on the pins/markers will open the latest data from that site
  • The notifications icon in the top right corner opens a list of notifications available for the current project
  • Use the switches in the notifications list to turn notifications on and off then tap done to save
  • Any time a data reading triggers a notification you subscribed to, the server will send a message to your device

This app is distributed through Fondriest Environmental, Inc. It can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. For support or questions regarding the mobile app please email For support or questions regarding WQData LIVE or setting up your WQData LIVE project to be viewable through this app, please contact us.